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By Koushik Saha on 8.3.11

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Long time ago when gadgets mostly computer products came into market many people were sceptical about the product which they are going to buy. The reason behind they were not able to get proper information about it. Then gradually came different sites which we say online facilities that made people educate about the products. Now here comes another good website which is not only a website for consumers but also a site providing valuable information. not only provides price information of the product but gives you the latest model available in the market.Recently have launched two new categories. One is MP3 Player and the other is Tablet. In MP3 Player India category you will get the latest music gadgets starting from Apple to Philips. For all the music players available they it provide Expert Rating and user rating so that you can have better idea about the product not only from the expert but also from the people like you who are using this product. In terms of price also this site is one of the most affordable site on which you can rely upon.
Next comes the Tablet category where you get a variety of Ipad product available in the market. From my personal point of view its very tough to get an idea of tablet products sitting online. Because hardly there are any site which will give you so datailed information about the product you want. This section Tablet India also caters all product available in the market from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Viewsonic, Lenevo, Dell, MSI, Blackberry, Asus etc. So no doubt this site is going to provide you the latest information form the market. This section also has Expert rating and user rating. So just go through it and no doubt you will get the information you require and also can buy it online.
Very recently has launched User Review Contest. In this online contest you just need to write reviews about certain product which will be reviewed by judges and if you win you will get amazing prizes like Digital Camera, Pen Drives and lot more. So don't wait and rapidly log on to the site to be the winner and take home wonderful prizes.

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