Intel rises hope for its Moorestwon MID Platform

By Koushik Saha on 28.2.09

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ince Intel launched the Atom platform the netbook market has significantly increased, providing users and PC vendors alike with a new computer category, specifically focused on delivering a rich Internet experience and on-the-go computing. However, the success level of the Atom processor might soon be overtaken by one of Intel's upcoming products, which is targeted at the growing market for Mobile Internet Devices. This will be an area where Intel's Moorestown chip will have to compete with some other chip makers, like ARM or VIA. However, the Santa Clara, California-based global leading chip maker is confident that its chip will succeed in surpassing those of its competitors.

In a recent news-article on the Inquirer, Pankaj Kedia, Intel's Director of the MID program, sat down and detailed his view on the company's MID platform. “Moorestown will give you the opportunity not only to experience the Internet in its full glory but will also have voice capability” said Kedia. He also added “I call it the ‘Next Smartphone’, the smart smartphone.”

The chip, according to Kedia, will be capable of providing the end-user with support for the Internet, gaming, personal navigation, multimedia and all of the features that you require from your everyday smartphone.

The Moorestown platform is slated for release next year, the first device being the fruit of the collaboration between the chip giant and LG Electronics. The two companies are currently collaboratingon the upcoming Moorestown-based LG MID running Moblin 2.0. Unfortunately, the exact details of when the MID will become available have not yet been disclosed.

In regard to the competition between Intel and ARM, Kedia said that, because Intel's platform would be based on x86 architecture, users would be able to fully benefit from the Internet experience, while the ARM architecture “is not compatible at the architectural level and is not compatible at the implementation level” said Kedia.

It is clear that Intel is planning its products to be in almost everything you own, which consequently means that other chip makers might have a tough time ahead of themselves, trying to compete with the Chipzilla.

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