Radeon HD 4890 on Apr 6th

By Koushik Saha on 2.3.09

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April 6th is gonna be a big day for AMD as they are going to launch a slew of new cards. As we have told you back in February, Radeon HD 4890 (RV790) is slated for April release and the confirmed date is now 6th of April. Interestingly, we also heard RV740 is pulled in from May to early April release so AMD will probably launch the new cards on the same day.

Radeon HD 4890 (RV790) is still 55nm based and is basically a higher clocked version of RV770. The RV790 card comes with 10 layers PCB and is 9.5" long witha new dual slot cooler. We told you previously, there are 2 versions; standard and OC edition. The OC edition will come later in April. The price for standard 512MB edition is US$199 while the price for 1GB OC edition is US$299.

Radeon HD 4750 and 4770 is 40nm based and we already have seen a preview of it. Price of HD 4750 is expected to be around US$99 while HD 4770 is priced at around US$119. Apparently, the yield is so good that AMD decided to pull in from May to early April release to give GeForce GTS 240 and 9600 GT a run for its money.

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