Panasonic unveils world’s largest 152- inch 3D Full High definition Plasma Display in India

By Koushik Saha on 16.12.10

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Gurgaon, December 15, 2010: Panasonic Corporation, the global leader in innovation and technology today announced the launch of world’s largest 152-inch 3D Full High definition Plasma Display for the first time in India. Unveiled by Panasonic Eco Ideas brand ambassador, Dia Mirza with Mr. Ikuo Miyamoto, Managing Executive Officer, Corporate Management Division for Asia and Oceania - Panasonic Corporation & Managing Director, Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. at the Experience Panasonic exhibition, the launch marks yet another first-of-its kind product from Panasonic for their Indian customers. Mr. Daizo Ito, President, Panasonic India and Mr. Manish Sharma, Director – Marketing, Panasonic India were also present at the event.
Experience Panasonic also showcased state-of-the art energy saving products which included home energy management solutions to residential storage batteries and renewable energy products such as solar generators. The exhibition is a part of a concerted attempt to elaborate on Panasonic’s theory of coexisting with the natural world.
The exhibition also provided a platform to the customers to experience the exhilarating full HD Plasma Display and featured a range home appliances manufactured using inverter technology- a technology incorporated in the motors of the home appliances to reduce energy consumption. Various products including the Viera range which has been designed to reduce power consumption were also on display.
Speaking at the inauguration of the exhibition, Mr. Ikuo Miyamoto, Managing Executive Officer, Corporate Management Division for Asia and Oceania - Panasonic Corporation & Managing Director, Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. said “As part of Panasonic philosophy to coexist with the natural resources, we not only continue to bring energy efficient products to our customers enabled by the cutting edge technologies but are also committed to creating an environment to encourage our customers to do their bit towards a healthier tomorrow. The Experience Panasonic exhibition is another step forward towards this vision.”
Added Mr. Daizo Ito, President, Panasonic India. ““The exhibition is a part of Panasonic’s commitment to contribute to a healthier tomorrow by creating awareness among customers for energy saving and energy solutions besides displaying our latest products. It also provides an opportunity to connect with our customers and transfer brand experiences for unique & innovative products, such as the latest launch of 152 -inch 3D full HD plasma display.”
The exhibition was spread over various zones. Each zone was crafted to carefully elaborate on salient features of Panasonic’s cutting edge products.
The Eco zone: This zone displayed home appliances operating on Inverter technology; air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators to enable a better appreciation of the technology & its benefits to customers. Other energy conserving products included solar power generators and residential storage battery. Viera range Plasma and LCD TVs were also on display in the Eco zone.
3D Home Theatre Zone: This zone was dedicated to 15 minutes of pure entertainment featuring 3D animation movies.
FHD 3D Theatre Zone: 152-inch full high definition 3D plasma display was introduced in this zone. A 7 minute clip was played to enable customers to experience the fun and joy of watching lifelike images.
Panasonic’s Eco Ideas Ambassador, Dia Mirza said “I am extremely happy to be associated with a brand which actively participates in contributing towards a healthy environment. Sensitizing masses towards the environment has always been Panasonics’ commitment and I am glad to participate in it by making my own individual contribution. ”
“From 152-inch LCD to 19-inch full-HD 3D plasma display, Panasonic now offers its customers the widest range to choose from. The exhibition will enable customer to experience products and understand technologies that can help them to live more comfortable & healthy life. It also provides an opportunity to experience our innovative products such as 152-inch 3D full HD plasma display, which is not just the world’s largest but also the first of its kind to be launched in India. The launch is part of our commitment to bring the very best to our Indian customers, be it in terms of technology, customer benefits and product innovation & styling.” said Manish Sharma, Director- Marketing, Panasonic India.

About Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic internationally is a household name in technology innovation and has continually set standards in the electronics industry. Panasonic follows the principle that the main purpose of production is to manufacture in abundant quantity appliances of good quality for everyday use, thereby enhancing and improving the quality of life for everyone. Panasonic Corporation is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and registered revenues of USD 79 billion in the last financial year. The company ranks 65th in the Fortune 500 list of the largest global corporations and is ranked 4th in Fortune 500 index for ‘Electronics and Electrical Equipments’ and ranked as a ‘World Super 50’ by Forbes. Its operations span 9 countries, with a workforce of about 385,000 spread over 75 companies. With 297 manufacturing facilities across the world, Panasonic is one of the largest electronic product manufacturers.

About Panasonic India

Panasonic makes available in India its wide range of consumer electronics and home appliances like LCD & Plasma TVs, DVD players, home theatre systems, cameras, camcorders, car audio systems, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, automatic cookers, vacuum cleaners and the like. The Company has a workforce of about 11,000 in India and has registered sales of Rs 2,200 crore in FY 2009, and estimated to do a turnover of Rs 3,200 crore in FY 2010. For more information on the company and the Panasonic brand in India, please visit

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