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By Koushik Saha on 13.3.09

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Round Rock, Texas-based Dell has just officially introduced the new Studio One 19 all-in-one personal computer system that comes with an optional touchscreen feature. The new machine is designed to provide an easy-to-use alternative to home computer systems and incorporates a unique and stylish design that enables it to be installed in almost every part of the user's home, including the living room or the kitchen.
Unlike some of those Atom-based all-in-one systems that were recently launched by companies such as ASUS or MSI, the new Dell Studio boasts a higher performance Core 2 Duo-based configuration.

“The new Studio One 19 is as nice to look at as it is functional,” said Alex Gruzen, senior vice president of Dell’s Consumer Products. “More and more people are making the kitchen the center of their entertainment and computingexperience and the Studio One 19 is the ideal system for that need. The Studio One 19 is about lifestyle and design and is very affordable for the family.”

According to Dell, the new Studio One 19 will provide a choice of an Intel Celeron, Dual-Core Celeron, Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, and Core 2 Quad Core processors. The system is also packed with a choice of NVIDIA's GeForce 9200 or 9400 integrated graphics solutions. Additional features include support for up to 4GB of memory, a 750GB hard disk drive, slot load optical drive, 7-in-1 media card reader, six USB ports, integrated wireless, web camera and Blu-ray Disc.

One of the main features of Dell's new all-in-one PC is the support it brings for multi-touch technologies, which will offer users fast and easy interaction with the system's features. Additionally, Dell will provide a facial recognition security option, enabled by the system's integrated webcamera.

The Studio One 19 will become available at for a starting price of $699, on March 23. In some Japanese retail outlets the new all-in-one device is already available.

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