OCZ preparing Triple-Channel memory kits

By Koushik Saha on 6.12.08

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OCZ is said to be preparing for the launch of new triple-channe memory kits. The memory modules have not been announced yet, but word on the web says they are supposed to surface in the near future. The new kits will come as X58 loving Reaper parts and are said to be available as 3GB (3x1GB) and 6GB (3x2GB) kits, while working at 1866MHz.

According to the news on the Web, the fresh DDR3 Reaper Triple-channel kits will feature a slightly different design compared to the series, yet the change is rather insignificant, as there is still aheatsink connected to another smaller one via a heatpipe. The difference here would be that the new heatsink is made out of nickle-plated copper. The 1866MHz Reaper kits will feature 9-9-9-28 latencies and will work at 1.65Volts.

The same news also states that OCZ plans to launch a Platinum 6GB and 3GB triple-channel kits which are expected to feature the 1866MHz frequency, 9-9-9-28 latencies and 1.65Volts working voltage. The only problem would be that the Platinum kits will feature a smaller heatsink, generating higher operating temperatures and lower overclocking results than in the case of the Reaper series.

OCZ has made a name as a provider of high-performance reliable memory products, and the upcoming kits should fit just well in the company's commitment to provide the best solutions to its users. The X58 loving Reaper memory modules should be able to enhance the user experience of any owner of a Core i7 CPU and an X58 motherboard. As previously reported, the exact launch date has not been unveiled, yet the parts are expected to surface in the next few weeks. No information on the price of the kits has been disclosed either.

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