Wireless USB keypad with trackball

By Koushik Saha on 1.1.09

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The Wireless USB Keypad with Trackball is one of the coolest additions to you notebook, provided that your portable computer doesn't sport its own separate numpad. If you're all fed up with the fact that each time you have to do some calculations or simply work a lot with numbers you make many mistakes because of the linear number keys, then this gadget is your savior. Just connect it wirelessly to your notebook or netbook, and start doing things the way you were used to.

This accessory has been designed to bring you the functionality and comfort you've been expecting from a full-scale computer keyboard, while you're working on your notebook. And when it comes to typing numbers on smaller laptops, a lot of people start to long for their desktop computers' 100% keyboards.

You can now take full advantage of the Wireless USB Keypad with Trackball's features, as it sports a 19-key array complemented by 13 hotkeys that can be assigned to trigger certain functions to make your Office and multimedia routines easier and more comfortable. Moreover, as if all that was not enough, you also get two mouse buttonsand a 1000 dpi resolution trackball. Some of the numeric keys have dual functionality, which can be accessed using the NumLock button acting like an FN one.
The hotkeys will bring Mouse Left Key, Mouse Right Key, Num Lock, Window Magnifier, www, Email, Media, Power Point, Word, Excel, Play/Pause, Prev Track, Vol +, Stop, Next Track, and Vol - commands at your fingertips. Yet you must bear in mind that the Word, Excel, and Power Point will work with “old” office only.

Even more, the Wireless USB Keypad with Trackball comes with increased comfort, for it relies on 2.4GHz radio communication to link with your computer. It only needs 2 AA batteries and a free USB port to plug in your wireless USB receiver. The Wireless USB Keypad with Trackball can be yours for the very decent price of $37, and can make both a great addition to your portable computer and a great gift.

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