IE8 final will be released in March 2009

By Koushik Saha on 1.1.09

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After the Great success of IE7,and the Beta version of Internet Explorer 8, the Microsoft has decided to launch its Final IE 8 in the Next year of March 2009.
In fact, a recent move from the Redmond company reveals that the gold release of IE8 might come as late as over a year after the launch of the Beta 1 build, if not even later. Of course, with no official confirmation, anticipating the final release of IE8 is nothing short of examining chicken entrails. However, the Redmond company does provide indications pointing to the availability of Internet Explorer 8 closer to, or even well into, the second quarter of 2009.
The pre-released versions of IE8 Beta 2 is available on the Microsoft site.Although the official help and support is currently focused on Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 (All Languages), Microsoft doesemphasize that pre-released versions of the browser are in fact supported, and not just the second Beta. Up to this point in time the company has promised to support development milestones of IE8 until March 31, 2009.
“Free unlimited installation and usage support is available for Internet Explorer 8 pre-released versions, but only for North America English customers.
This support for Internet Explorer 8 pre-released versions is valid until March 31st, 2009. Advanced issues are not supported. Advanced issues include, but are not limited to, problems that are associated with software and hardware development, domain connectivity, server-based technologies, Web site development, and business-critical systems,” the message on the page reads, as you can very well see from the adjacent image.
The initial deadline for the IE8 pre-RTW support cut-off date was November 1, 2008. In mid-November, Microsoft pushed the date forward to December 31, 2008. Furthermore, just ahead of the start of 2009, support for IE8 pre-RTW was extended until the end of March 2009.

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