GELID Silent Spirit CPU cooler

By Koushik Saha on 22.1.09

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This is the first time I have had the pleasure of getting my hands on a GELID cooler. Most likely this is due to GELID being a fledgling company established in 2008, based in Hong Kong with Swiss management. As you know from their knives, the Swiss leave nothing to chance. And this goes for GELID’s products as well. There are features on this cooler that take engineers a lot of time to figure out solutions to, but GELID took the bull by the horns and ran with their ideas and concepts which made it to the fruition of their new cooler. With GELID taking their name based off the word gelidus, Latin for icy or extremely cold, with our testing we shall see if they can stand up to their company name sake.This time around, we are looking at the GELID Silent Sprit, the latest of GELID’s productsto surface. This coolers small footprint and lower clearance makes it a good candidate for HTPC’s and m-ATX users. With the 90mm fan that comes supplied with the Silent Spirit, I would expect this cooler to hold its own against the rest of the group.

While I would lay money on the fact that this cooler isn’t designed with the overclocker in mind, here at TweakTown we pull no punches when testing our coolers; they all get equal abuse in our testing. With that being said, I think it’s about time to get a look at the Silent Spirit and strap it to the test rig and see just how well GELID does.

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