Dell introduced Adamo, competitor of MacBook

By Koushik Saha on 12.1.09

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After much anticipation and a series of articles surfacing on the web, prior to the debut of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dell has finally introduced its latest portable computer system, the Dell Adamo. Claimed to be the company’s response to Apple’s thin MacBook Air, or to the Envy notebook from HP’s Voodoo PC, the Adamo appears like yet another sleek-looking 13-inch notebook waiting to be embraced by all those tech fashionistas out there. There aren’t any specific technical details, but the laptop is expected to become available later this year.

A number of blog sites have managed to grab several pictures of Dell’s new pride and joy, which can also be seen in the gallery below. As you’ll be able to appreciate for yourself from these images, the Adamo appears to have combined just the right design elements, allowing it to appeal to those consumers out there that are looking for a PC response to Apple’s MacBook Air.

Despite no specific details on the part of the Round Rock, Texas-based PC vendor, the Adamo is expected to come out with a rather expensive price tag, specifically due to its unique design. Additionally, Dell has said that in the development of the new Adamo it has made useof high quality materials, yet another reason for which the upcoming thin laptop is probably aimed at those with more “generous” pockets.

Dell’s Adamo is undoubtedly thinner than most notebooks on the market, but given these early pictures, it doesn’t appear to be a real competitor for the MacBook Air. However, Adamo’s design features could also set the system as a real challenger for Apple’s MacBook Pro.

The device has been showcased at CES, which is where Dell has also introduced a couple of other new products, including the new Mini 10, another of the company’s portable computer systems ready to take advantage of Intel’s successful Atom platform. The fellows over at engadget were lucky enough to get a hands-on experience with the new Dell laptop, also providing a photo gallery and a video.

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