HP Compaq Mini 700 released in Europe

By Koushik Saha on 30.12.08

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Back in late October, when Hewlett-Packard first introduced its latest addition to the netbook range of products, the company was said to be planning the release of yet another small-sized, portable computer system that would only be meant to compete in the European market. Said laptop was expected to come out as the Compaq Mini 700, pretty much offering the same technical specifications as the newly-launched Mini 1000. HP took its time in releasing the Compaq Mini 700, but the netbook is now apparently available in Europe and has already received a full bunch of tests and benchmarks, to provide interested users with detailed information on its capabilities.
Early last week, the system was announced in Europe as the new netbook on the market. This was roughly at the same time the Compaq Mini 700 was reviewed and benchmarked by the guys over at notebook italia. Aside from providing the results ofa series of tests, the Italian site had also dedicated an entire segment of the article specifically to the disassembling of the netbook, consequently providing users with an alternative view inside a system that was designed for ultra-portability and Internet-related applications.
From the start, we should mention that the disassembling part could potentially be used as a guide to how netbooks are built and how they can be upgraded in case of various possible accidents. The article offers an insight into how features that are generally available for portable PCs of larger size, can be cramped inside such a small form factor portable PC.
Also, if you happen to purchase such a netbook, the article could be useful, as it will provide you with details on how the storage and memory of the system can be upgraded for better performance.
The Compaq Mini 700 is similar to almost every other netbook on the market, boasting the same Intel Atom N270 and 945GSE Express combo that is available in most such products. The difference is in design and overall build quality.

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