Buffalo unveiled DDR3-2200 memory kit

By Koushik Saha on 27.12.08

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Buffalo, known by the PC enthusiast community for their high-end FireStix series memory modules, is readying a new high-speed memory kit under the FireStix Inferno brand. The rated memory speed for these modules is at a blistering 1100 MHz (2200 MHz DDR) setting a speed standard of PC3-17600, a notch above the DDR3-2133 MHz kit on offer by Corsair.

Buffalo will sell these modules in a dual-channel kit (model: FSI2200D3K-K2G), consisting of two modules. Each module has a capacity of 1 GB. They featurealuminum heatsinks for passive cooling. The modules are rated to hit clock speeds of 2200 MHz with DRAM timings of 9-9-9-24, at a voltage of 2.1V. The company has started shipping the kit today, widespread availability is expected by January.

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