Antec announces VERIS A/V cooler

By Koushik Saha on 31.12.08

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Now that main gift giving time is over this holiday you might find yourself a little closer to that home theater you've been dreaming of the past few months. The vast majority of people will stuff that new home stereo equipment into an existing TV stand and never give heat much thought. With receivers and high-definition cable boxes the norm these days, things can get pretty toasty in a TV stand. Add in a Home Theater PC (HTPC) and maybe a CD changer or your Blu-Ray/DVD player and you'll find out rather quickly that all of the components are getting a little too hot.
For those of you that have a TV stand like the one pictured below, Antec designed an A/V cooler that was designed to remove the hot air from the electronics and look good while doing it. Since the Antec A/V cooler is nothing more than a box with a pair of fans in it for cooling, theA/V cooler will work on any and all of your home audio/video equipment.It wouldn't hurt to update that TV stand while you are at it as in situations like the one pictured above there is no space left to add anything!Once you open the retail box you will find the Antec A/V Cooler, AC power adapter and the installation instructions. The instructions are very straight forward on this one as you just need to plug it in and set it between some hot stereo components and set the fan to either high or low.

The Antec A/V Cooler Specifications:

Air flow: 5.5 CFM on Low, 8.0 CFM on High
RPM: 1200 on Low, 1600 on High
dBA: 22.5 on Low, 28.7 on High
Input power: 3.6W on Low, 5.04W on High
Weight: 4.4lbs.
Dimensions: 1.8" x 16.9" x 14.2"

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