Microsoft announces wireless laser desktop 6000 V3

Keyboard and mouse innovations have been flourishing as of late, giving way to novel designs, many of which are vast improvements over old designs. Historically, every component of the computer was designed simply to function. The norm was a beige box with a mouse and keyboard that looked like every other out there. The past 10 years or so has seen the movement toward different styles and feels in just about every facet of computing. Keyboards and mice are no different and have received the same treatment.
The Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 is another step in the refinement of a better input device. The keyboard and mouse utilize a 2.4ghz radio receiver dongle with an advertised range of up to 30 feet. The mouse hosts a range of refinements including a comfortable body meant to fit the hand, custom buttons and a smooth scroll wheel that tilts. Moreover, the mouse contains a 1000dpi laser working at 6000fps for excellent precision in allenvironments. The keyboard contains a plethora of media keys, function keys, custom program keys and Microsoft's comfort curve key design.

The Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 is the jack of all trades. It contains enough programmable keys to keep the most fervent multi-tasker happy and a very precise mouse that to keep the gamer happy. Its wireless range makes it suitable for the office, conference room or even the living room. The wireless dongle is small and fits within the bottom of the mouse, making it easy to transport. How well does it work? Benchmark Reviews will fill you in on the XSA-00001 kit from Microsoft.

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