Three NVIDIA graphics processors in Toshiba’s laptop

By Koushik Saha on 6.11.08

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Now, wait a minute, and say that again, please. Could it be that three NVIDIA graphics processors are powering one of Toshiba’s portable computer systems? If so, this is happening at a time when most desktop computer systems are basically powered by a single graphics processor, while the majority of portable PCs are featured with integrated graphics. This should be interesting, at least if you are one of those late-night LAN party gamers looking for the very best in terms of computing experience.
Toshiba is known for offering some of the most interesting portable computer systems on the market but, this time, the company appears to have really outdone itself, with a bit of help from the Santa Clara, California-based green team. NVIDIA and Toshiba have teamed up to put together two Qosmio portable computer systems, the X305-Q708 and the X305-Q706, which are based on the newly launched GeForce 9400M graphics processing unit. These two models have been featured with an additional pair of NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS GPUs to deliver the actual gaming performance required by computer enthusiasts out there.“We wanted to deliver an extreme-performance gaming machine that gives gamers a complete, non-compromising system in a laptop form factor,” said Carl Pinto, vice president of product development, digital products ddivision for Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. “The combination of the NVIDIA GPUs and chipset allowed us to achieve a high level of performance, quality and flexibility that our customers are asking for, at a competitive starting price of $1,999.”

We might have expected such a power rig to come from one of the two major custom PC makers, Alienware and Voodoo PC, but coming from Toshiba, this product appears all the more revolutionary. Also, it makes one wonder if Voodoo PC is not actually preparing a similar system, given all the recent details about a new, third product to be released by HP’s Voodoo team. However, until such a system becomes available, you can already check out Toshiba’s offer, directly from the company’s website.

As for specifications, the new portable systems also boast a 17-inch WSXGA+ Widescreen display, 4GB of DDR3 1066MHz memory, a Core 2 Duo P8400 processor, a 320GB 7200RPM HDD, and the usual number of connectivity options you will basically need. The higher-priced X305-Q708 comes with a faster QX9300 processor and two storage solutions, one of which is a 128GB SSD, for an even better performance.

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