SE's Xperia on November 28

By Koushik Saha on 13.11.08

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It’s official folks. Sony Ericsson’s latest and possibly greatest handset, their Windows Mobile 6.1 enabled Xperia X1 is due for launch on November 28th 2008 - that’s in a couple of weeks. Of course it’s initially launching in the US so it’ll be a little while before it gets here.

"The Xperia X1 continues the Sony Ericsson tradition of delivering the highest quality experiences and the most advanced technology available today," said Karen Morris, vice president of marketing, Sony Ericsson North America. "The most exciting scenarios enabled by the Xperia X1 will be created by consumers - enabling them to customize and personalize their device and content to fit their lifestyle and personality."The Xperia X1's unique panel user interface is at the heart of the device's ability to create and adapt consumers' personal choices. With up to 9 panels, it's easy to find and enjoy the information and entertainment content they want. Sony Ericsson is busy working with third-party developers to create a wealth of new applications and new panels that will soon be available for download.

"Windows Mobile gives people the ability to easily navigate between their business and personal lives," said Todd Peters, vice president of marketing, Mobile Communications Business, Microsoft. "The panel user interface found only in the Xperia X1 is bringing unique experiences to consumers who want more from their converged devices."As Sony Ericsson's most advanced phone to date, the Xperia X1 brings together a large, 3-inch wide VGA display touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard all wrapped into a sleek silver metal-finished arc slider handset. The Xperia X1 supports 3G networks, enabling audio and video streaming, high-speed internet surfing, multimedia messaging and email on the go. In addition to delivering 3G mobile broadband speeds, the Xperia X1 supports Wi-Fi to meet the needs of consumers' always connected lifestyles. In the tradition of Sony Ericsson, the Xperia X1 also offers a 3.2 megapixel camera, video streaming, video playback and video recording, and the ability to enjoy all their digital music.

"The Xperia X1 complements Sony Electronics' family of Windows-based devices and leverages the company's heritage of providing beautifully designed, highly functional, portable electronics," said John Kodera, vice president of product marketing, Sony Electronics. "The Xperia X1 delivers the highest quality entertainment, communication and personalization options for consumers."
The Xperia X1 will be available unlocked through Sony Electronics and its authorized retailers. Pre-orders of the Xperia X1 will be available through the Sony Style Web site at beginning today. This premium device will be sold unlocked for an MSRP of Rs. 39, 119 ($799.99), giving consumers the freedom to choose their own mobile operator and data plan.

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