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By Koushik Saha on 19.10.08

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Logitech is one of the best-known names in the computer peripherals, gaming and home entertainment industries, releasing a very large number of products each year, whether we're talking about wireless audio systems, mice and keyboards, gaming accessories, etc.

Each year, they organize special events for the press, during which they present their latest innovations, in just about every country where one can find their products. We've recently attended such an event, where we've had the chance to get very close and personal with quite a few of the company's latest products. And within this article we'll give you a complete tour of the most interesting models we found on display, ranging from the Illuminated Keyboard to a wireless racing wheel designed especially for the PS3.

One of the most remarkable things worth mentioning about the event as a whole is its concept. Thus, the company's representatives had arranged the respective location in such a way so as to replicate the various rooms in a house, with every corner of this "home" being filled with the company's goodies.First of all, there was the "living room" area, where we could find some of the manufacturer's products designed especially to create a high-end home entertainment system. We were able to "feast" our eyes and ears on a Squeezebox Boom wireless audio system, the Z-5 omnidirectional stereo speakers for PC and the Z-5500 5.1 surround audio system. Of course, in order to control all of these products, there was also a Harmony One universal remote control thrown in the mix.

Plus, since there are quite a lot of people whose computers have become integral parts of their home entertainment systems, we could also find there some of the company's notebook stands, plus a few very attractive peripherals, such as the DiNovo mini keyboard or the very famous illuminated one.Within the same room, there was a secondary area, which represented the bedroom. There, we could find a special "Mac" area, with some of Logitech's products designed to work with Mac systems as well (such as the QuickCam Vision Pro, the Z-5 speakers for Mac and the DiNovo keyboard for Mac). However, since we were talking, after all, about a bedroom, there was also a Pure-Fi Anytime system, designed to dock iPods and also double as an alarm clock.

Then, there was the "kid's" room, although, to tell you the truth, it was more of a gaming area. There, I could find two systems, completed with some of the company's high-end webcams (like the QuickCam Pro for notebooks), as well as some of the latest peripherals, such as the Wave Keyboard and Mouse combo and the DiNovo keyboard.However, the main point of attraction in this particular area was represented by the racing zone, where we could find Logitech's Driving Force GT racing wheel and also took a very quick look at the Driving Force Wireless, designed especially for the PS3 racing games.

And in order to provide some musical "atmosphere", there was a Pure-Fi Express Plus, an omnidirectional stereo speaker system for iPod/iPhone with a built-in alarm clock. Moreover, in order to allow the other guests to keep an eye on what was going on within the gaming area, there was an Indoor Video Security Master System installed, which streamed a live feed (via the powerlines) directly to the HDTV installed in the "living room."

Caught your interest? Well, in that case, keep an eye out for our future posts in the Gadgets section, where you'll be able to read a lot more about each of the devices listed above (plus many more).

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