A rumour that may come true.........

By Koushik Saha on 19.10.08

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Normally, when we see an Apple rumor, we look the other way. Barely anything that "leaks" from Apple has any truth to it, so we scroll down on our RSS feeds and look for something else to care about. This time, however, it s different. The last rumors came true to an alarming degree, so we'll attach some credence to this one. That is, unless it turns out to be bollocks.

AppleInsider now tells us that in the next month or so, we might see Apple updating the iMacs as well. Obviously, the idea would be to have a spanking new product line ready for the traditional blow-your-savings-on-cool-stuff festival (also known as Christmas).

However, the updates won't just be driven by business--there will be technology reasons as well. For one, since the last update in April this year, Intel has developed the Centrino 2 platform, which is already featured on the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Secondly, there s the shift to NVIDIA's graphics solutions--it is quite likely that the new iMacs will ditch the ATI chipsets.There may be more news on October 21--though not likely--when Apple holds a conference to announce its quarterly results.

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