ClamCase iPad keyboard case now on sale

By Koushik Saha on 23.12.10

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Pretty soon after Apple illumined technological innovations by revealing the iPad, ClamCase jumped in to flip its creative side too. Offering users a feel of QWERTY keyboard with unprecedented protection, the company’s ClamCase has just been made acquirable to pre-order.

The light and super portable combination of style, keyboard and protection certainly represents tweaks of creativity in a trendy chassis. The fetchingly devised hard-shelled case, embedded with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard, can be used either as a keyboard or as a safeguarding case.

For complete usability, the solution makes the scene with special keys, including home, lock, search, slideshow, and volume and media control. On deck in matte black to grace the gamut, the peripheral’s touchscreen mode can also be executed in order to experience the iPad’s extensive game library.

Further, users can conveniently flip the keyboard under and set ClamCase down on its soft 3M feet to accomplish the perfect angle for any activity.

The new ClamCase will make users shell out $119 (approx Rs. 5,366) and will start shipping in January 2011.

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