Bose TriPort acoustic headphone now available

Bose has just launched a set of headphones called the AE2. These headphones have not incorporated Bose legendary noise cancellation technology, but include a more sophisticated application of the proprietary Bose TriPort acoustic headphone structure. Bose says that this technology drastically improves the quality of sound, as a result of which, music sounds better and more natural throughout the frequency spectrum.

The Bose AE2 headphones are circum-aural (around the ear), and the new ear cushions are made of memory foam which so that they can be worn by people with different head shapes. They also distribute weight more evenly around the ear to reduce pressure points, making the overall experience a lot more comfortable.

These headphones can be used with just about any audio device including the iPod, iPhone, iPad, portable media players and computers. The headphones have a new fold-flat ear cup design and a single, detachable cable and can be stored in the carrying case that has been provided by Bose.

In the headphone realm, Bose is probably bestknown for its noise-canceling (NC) line of QuietComfort models. But it islong made some non-NC models, including an around-the-ear design as well as an on-ear design. Bose has shortened those names to AE and OE, respectively, and now the AE model reviewed here is up to version 2.

Formerly known as the TriPort, the AE2 still uses the same basic design, but Bose has implemented some significant design improvements. For starters, these headphones, like the noise-canceling models, now fold flat. Also, Bose has moved from a double- (running to each earcup) to a single-cord design and the headphone cord detaches which means you can wear these simply to cover your ears and muffle sound.

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