Wacom Intuos 4

By Koushik Saha on 28.5.09

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For those working as a professional graphic artist, retoucher or who have used a tablet in any kind in their professional, Wacom would not be a name that you will be unfamiliar with. Its previous flagship product, the Intuos 3, is practically an industry standard with almost all artists swearing by it. With such large shoes to fill, its certainly interesting to see how the latest addition to the manufacturer's Intuos line measures up.
Once you take the Intuos out of the box, the first thing you would notice is how sleek the Intuos 4 is.

Gone is the thick heavy piece of plastic that sits atop of Intuos 3 whose sole function is to trap heat and to stick to your arms. Well, Wacom has made the right decision of listening to their users and gave the surfacea smooth matte finish which made it an absolute pleasure to glide your hand over. However there are still remnants of the high gloss fetish; the strip covering the touch pad is covered in a high gloss plastic which perfectly captures every fingerprint and smudge. It might be great if you are trying to figure out who have been using your tablet while you are away, but probably not useful for anything else.

The new Intous 4 is also much thinner than Intuos 3 with only 1.2cm depth and coupled with its illuminated Express Keys nicely nestled amid its black base, which allows it to seat pretty on your desk. Unfortunately, there isn't much of a colour choice; you can have any colour you want as long as its black, which will probably leave Mac users spluttering for the invasion of their pure white setups. On the other hand, its still much prettier than the previous utilitarian grey setup.

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