samsung unveiled its latest 6 & 7 series LED TVs

By Koushik Saha on 16.5.09

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Technology is an ocean of knowledge and it has really changed human civilization in many form. In the begining when TV was first discovered no was able to believe his own eyes. But now with advancement of technology, we are now able to see picture which are made up of LEDs. And in the field of doing so one of the fortunner is Samsung.
Recently Samsung has unveiled its 6 & 7 series LED TVs in the market. It is very clear to say that it is one of the finest technology so far unveiled by samsung. Samsung ushered a new era of flat panel TVs in India by announcing the launch of its new line up of LED High Definition TVs in the Indian market. Though is has unveiled series 6 & 7 having 40" and 46" screen sizes but it promised to have series 8 having 55" screen. Some of the unique features are Mega picture clarity Razor slimness and stylish design.
As compared to old picture tubes leds produce darker black that appears deep in to eye. The result is it gring great clarity to the picture and thus provide a beautiful experience for the users. The size of the TVs are so slim that no one will be able to imagine its thickness. It can be easily be placed at any place and thus break free from the conventional limits of integrating a television into a room. Energy consumption in the samsung LED TVs are also less as compared to HDTVs but reatin the same picture quality level thus no doubt that it is one of the eco friendly device from Samsung.
So if you are thinking to have a new TV in your home this the right choice you have in your hand. Go ahead and enjoy

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