ATI FireGL, ATI FirePro Workstation Graphics passed Solidworks 2009 Certification

By Koushik Saha on 13.3.09

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Sapphire Technology Limited, the only partner of AMD workstation graphics (except Japan) today announced — ATI FireGL™ and ATI FirePro™ 3D workstation graphics cards have completely passed all Solidworks 2009 tests and gained global certifications. Meanwhile, two mid-range models — ATI FireGL™ V3600 and V5600 have been certified by the other two SolidWorks’tools — COSMOS 2008 and eDrawing 2008. COSMOS 2008 is designed for the SolidWorks models and predict how they will behave in the real situations. Whereas with eDrawings viewer, anyone with a PC can interpret and understand 2D and 3D design data. SolidWorks users can enjoy the most stable work and optimized performance by using AMD workstation graphics.
Solidworks is outstanding for 3D mechanical CAD field, also offer a wide range of simulation products. They have innovative creativity and the biggest users’ community. The newest version “Solidworks 2009” speeds up to 65% over SolidWorks 2008. SolidWorks has added lots new features, such as SpeedPak Technology, apply filters and Sort BOM by Column, sensors monitor, electrical component library etc. By using AMD certified workstation graphics, you can spend more time on productivity, less time at work.
Here introducing a special feature in Solidworks2009-- Vertex Buffer Objects. VBO is activated by default in SolidWorks 2009 and ATI FireGL™ and ATI FirePro™ are completely support. It is a buffer which is stored on the GPU memory and when activated, the application stores vertex data for triangles and lines in this location. VBO is a way for an application to render data without repeatedly accessing the computer’s sub systems suchas the hard drive and therefore help achieve higher operational performance. Additionally, the other fantastic function “RealView Graphics” which was released in SolidWorks 2008, it is hardware support of advanced shading in real time. By applying appearances and scenes, your models come to life without going through rendering processes such as PhotoWorks. Your system must have a workstation class graphics card capable of supporting RealView. See the SolidWorks Hardware support web site for a complete list of supported graphics cards and drivers, and you will see ATI FireGL™ and ATI FirePro™ series are passed with all strict testing.
Why Choose ATI FireGL™ and ATI FirePro™:

For more product information, please visit Sapphire and AMD website:

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