ASUS now with new series of Graphics Cards

By Koushik Saha on 5.3.09

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Today ASUS is all over the place, promoting all kinds of products. Now is the time for the Formula video cards line-up, inspired by Formula 1 race cars. ASUS is already showcasing a few products from the line-up at CeBIT 2009 (where else if not there). The part that brings the cards' name is actually the heatsink. From above it resembles the shape of a F1 car. Despite that, theheatsink is nothing so revolutionary. It is combination of anti-oxidizing aluminum fins, five copper heat-pipes and a dust-proof fan. The whole cooling occupies two PCI slots. ASUS forgot to mention if the cards will be supercharged, sorry I mean overclocked. Pricing and availability information is also missing, neither we know if the cards will be with NVIDIA or ATI GPUs.

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