Palit unveils Dual-Fan Cooling on 55nm GTX 260

By Koushik Saha on 24.1.09

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NVIDIA has already upped the ante with the release of its latest 55nm-based GT200 GPUs, which have been launched under the form of two new graphics cards, the GeForce GTX 285 and the dual-GPU GTX 295. However, these two cards have been designed for computer and technology enthusiasts looking for high-end graphics solutions. Mainstream users are likely to choose one of the other GT200-based cards, including the new GeForce GTX 260, which has just been featured with a 55nm graphics processor. This is the GPU upon which Palit has just released its newest graphics card, the GTX260 Sonic 216SP, designed to provide users with the full-performance potential of NIVIDIA's 55nm-based GT200 GPU.

If you own a graphics card designed by Palit Microsystems, you are already aware of the fact that a “Sonic” model is basically a factory-overclocked version of the basic card. This is also the case with the new Palit GTX260 Sonic 216SP, which combines a 55nm GPU, equipped with 216 stream processors, with a custom dual-Fan cooling solution, ready to deliver a high-end gaming performance while maintaining the power consumption andoverall power efficiency enabled by a 55nm GPU.The card has been featured with a core frequency of 625MHz, while the 896MB of GDDR3 RAM memory has been clocked to 2.2GHz. According to the company, its latest GeForce GTX260 graphics card is 9 percent faster than other GeForce GTX260 models, the performance boost being provided by the overclocked graphics core. The dual-fan cooling solution boasts two PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) fans and three heat-pipes, enabling a better overall cooling, consequently providing better performance.
The card also comes with NVIDIA's own technologies, including CUDA, PhysX and Stereoscopic 3D, all of which enable better performance in gaming and non-gaming applications. Palit hasn't delivered any details regarding pricing and availability of the card.

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