Dual-core Neo Chips by AMD next half of this year

By Koushik Saha on 20.1.09

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Advanced Micro Devices has plans to release its dual core Neo processor by the end of this year. The AMD-dual core Athlon Neo is slated to be part of the chip maker's platform code-named Congo and designed for a line of ultraportable, affordable laptops.

AMD has unveiled its single core new processor, Neo for the ultraportables last week at CES based on Yukon platform. , which includes a chipset and ATI graphics controllers. Even the platform was announced on HP Pavilion dv2.

The leaked specifications for the dual-core Neo chips indicate that the dual core processor will be part of the Congo platform, which will deliver better performance and integrated graphics capabilities to ultraportable laptops.

With Congo, AMD plans to use the dual-core Athlon Neo processor along with its own RS780M chip set that includes a SB710 southbridge. Neo chips consume maximum of 15 watts assuring improved battery life to users. Neo chips are pitched as an effective combination of graphics, processor and chipset for a balanced computing performance. They are not the straight forward competitor to Intel’s Atom, which is what the analysts and vendors are updating.

No release date is mentioned as of now.

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