'Tesla' , world's first personal supercomputer

By Koushik Saha on 8.12.08

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The world’s first personal supercomputer has been developed by the Scientists, which would be 25 times faster than average PC. It is obviously a technological breakthrough that could introduce enormous speed to the next generation of home computers.

The name of the supercomputer is Tesla, which has been created by US-based Company NVIDIA. The supercomputer that looks more or less like an ordinary PC has been priced between 4,000 pounds and 8,000 pounds.

The scientists claim that Tesla will completely revolutionize the way researchersand medical professionals carry out their work. For an example, doctors would be able to examine the result of brain and body scans in much more less time and inform patients within hours whether they are suffering from a tumour.

“Pretty much anything that you do on your PC that takes a lot of time can be accelerated with this. These supercomputers can improve the time it takes to process info by 1,000 times,” said David Kirk, the chief scientist at NVIDIA.

He added, “If you imagine it takes a week to get a result (from running an experiment), you can only do it 52 times a year. If it takes you minutes, you can do it constantly, and learn just as much in a day.”

Furthermore, the scientists also think that Tesla may also help researchers to find cures for diseases like cancer and malaria, much more quickly than using traditional research methods.

It seems all possible since the machine lets them run hundreds of thousands of simulations to create a shortlist of the drugs that are most likely to offer the potential for a cure.

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