MTS brings new TestSuite Software Platform

By Koushik Saha on 8.12.08

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MTS Systems Corporation today announced the availability of the latest innovation in testing software: MTS TestSuite(TM) Software. This modular suite of software solutions provides new tools for creating and running tests, generating reports and analyzing test data for material and component tests. It gives testing professionals the control they need to test to their specific requirements.

"Our focus throughout the MTS TestSuite software development process has been the end user," said Bill Kegley, Product Group Manager, MTS. "We interviewed users before development began and then validated their input with usability studies and beta testing. Extensive user feedback allowed us to build a scalable,easy-to-use interface that is employed across the MTS TestSuite product line. This common interface allows for sharing of test development, execution and data analysis throughout the lab."

Due to the intensely user-centric development approach, the MTS TestSuite software gives users more control than ever before. Calculations are transparent and modifiable, so that testing professionals can use the testing templates provided by MTS, modify those templates or develop their own. Test design is done through a graphical workflow interface that allows users to see the tests they are creating in a flow chart format. Creating tests, even those with complex and parallel workflows, is simple and fun.

"MTS is renowned for our in-house software development expertise. For years, we have led the testing industry with innovative and robust software solutions," said Laura B. Hamilton, Chair and Chief Executive Officer. "The MTS TestSuite software platform is a culmination of all that we have learned while developing software across diverse markets for various testing applications. This modular solution allows companies to leverage their testing program across geographies and business units, increasing the efficiency of
their testing operations, and allowing for future growth."

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