NVIDIA displays GTX 295 card

By Koushik Saha on 10.12.08

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We have already got used to the way details on unreleased products keep leaking on the Internet, a good time before the official announcement from producers. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that, while browsing the Internet this morning, we stumbled upon an article talking of NVIDIA's 2009 GeForce GTX 295. More specifically, the aforementioned card appears to have already had its first photo session, thus partially showing itself to all technology enthusiasts and anyone else interested in it.
The two graphic processors featured on the card have been built on NVIDIA's new 55nm process technology, which should ultimately provide support for a higher performance level. The card itself is expected to be showcased and launched at the Consumer Electronics Show next year, set to take place between the 8 and 11 of January in LasVegas, Nevada. Specific details regarding the technical specifications of the card aren't available at this time, but a single look at the picture posted on Vr-Zone will offer us some clues as to what to expect.
As with NVIDIA's GeForce 9800GX2, the new GTXX 295 will be featured with two GPUs placed on two separate PCBs, a solution that differs from that of AMD, which builds its dual-GPU card by placing the two graphic processors onto the same PCB. The card displayed in the picture features 2 DVI ports and 1 Display Port, and will boast the same sandwich-like design as the earlier mentioned 9800GX2.
Given its impressive size, and the fact that it will have to power two of NVIDIA's latest GT200 GPUs, the card has been featured with a 8+6 pins power connector combo, which should be more than enough to offer you a general idea of how much power the card needs.
As with all officially unreleased products, pricing details for NVIDIA's GTX 295 are yet to emerge, but things should become clearer as we approach its debut date in January.

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