Medfield, next version of Atom

By Koushik Saha on 11.12.08

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The latest reports by industry insiders reveal some interesting updates on the IALP/Atom roadmap.

The most important update is about a new code name, Medfield. It is the 2H/2010 32nm successor to Lincroft, part of the Moorestown platform. The interesting thing about this code is while Moorestown and the current Menlow platforms have a CPU + chipset, Medfield will be an all in one package.

Medfield will be offered in two variants, one with handheld level graphics, the other with netbook graphics. As per speculations, the netbook variant will usea version of the current Intel integrated GPU, and the handheld version will carry on with a PowerVR core.

In addition, Atom sales have the potential to open new markets. They are win-win package for the market.
Related to this, recently a update indicated that AMD can loose market on grounds of absence of netbook chips.

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