Intel-Based MID from Trigem in January 2009

By Koushik Saha on 5.12.08

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It appears that Intel's Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform, codenamed Menlow, is going to make its way into yet another new product, which will be released by Averatec's Trigem. Coming as a 4.8-inch touchscreen portable computing device, the Lluon Mobbit has been designed to provide its users with an easy to use Internet-capable portable
system. One of the aspects that separate the Mobbit from all the other MIDs out there is the use of a Windows XP operating system over a Linux OS, used for most MIDs.

Trigem's MID is going to be built on an Intel Atom Z520 processor, running at a core speed of 1.3GHz. It will combine 1GB of RAM memory with a choice of 30GB HDD or 16GB SSD to deliver decent performance level and storage. Additional features include built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and WiBro, a 2MPweb camera, DMB-T TV tuner and the US15W chipset known for supporting hardware video decoding.

This MID’s small 4.8-inch screen is able to render 1024 by 600 pixel images, very pleasant for using the Internet. The device itself measures 166 x 88 x 21mm and is expected to weigh 375g, basically providing almost everything required for a fast and on-the-go Internet connection, in a small and light weight form factor. Given its support for a hard disk drive, the Lluon Mobbit could easily be used as a portable media player.

It is expected to become available for the low price of $411 sometime in January 2009. Given the aforementioned specifications and price tag, the device has a real market potential as it will be listed at a price tag close to that of most high end PMPs, but coming to deliver the performance and specifications of a small PC.

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