FSC AMILO notebook with external graphics box

By Koushik Saha on 14.12.08

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Fujitsu Siemens Computers has launched a new laptop called AMILO Notebook SA 3650 and with a 13.3" widescreen display there is little doubt that mobility comes before performance. Under the hood we find an AMD Athlon X2 processor, up to 4GB RAM, 7.1 HD audio, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFI and integrated graphics circuit in the form of ATI Radeon HD 3200. It is no coincidence we mention the graphics last because the graphics is what makes AMILO SA 3650 stand out. The integrated graphics circuit is nothing out of the ordinary, AMILO GraphicBooster on the other hand is.

AMILO GraphicBooster is anexternal unit that is simply connected to the notebook to boost gaming performance. Not just some simple software optimizations either. GraphicBooster sports a discrete graphics circuit that takes over the job from the integrated graphics circuit.With an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 graphics circuit under the hood AMILO GraphicBooster, according to FSC, offer up to 470% better gaming performance than the integrated Radeon HD 3200 circuit. This makes it possible to boost 3D performance dramatically with a relatively convenient unit. GraphicBooster measures 180x130x33.5mm and sports everything from HDMI, DVI-I and USB2.0 ports.

The concept of an external graphics unit is not new, but with the slim notebooks of today it is an interesting alternative for those who wants to give their computer a substantial performance boost when needed.

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