Bluetooth 2.2 to be released in mid-2009

By Koushik Saha on 7.12.08

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Bluetooth is all set to get a much needed upgrade, in 2009. This was announced by the Bluetooth standard body called "Bluetooth Special Interest Group", which plans to introduce two new Bluetooth standards called 10x and 100x by the middle of 09.

These new formats will simply be called Bluetooth 2.2 and promise significant speed jumps. The new high-speed Bluetoothstandards, will work in conjunctions with WLAN or USB to offer vastly improved speeds.

Given the fact that current Bluetooth 2.0 maxes out at 3 MB, a 10x jump will translate to a theoretical maximum of 30 MB and 100x would mean a speed of 300 MB. This is a fairly huge jump and it will be interesting to watch which standard can make the transition first. Given the fact that most handsets now have Wi-fi, the 10x standard will probably find more widescreen acceptance with 100x BT being relegated to notebooks and desktop use.

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