PSP 3000 in India

By Koushik Saha on 11.11.08

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At the PlayStation experience held in Mumbai this weekend Atindriya Bose, Country Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the PSP 3000 would hit Indian shores this November for Rs. 9,490.
The fantastic feature of PSP-3000 is its enhanced screen, an upgraded version of the already high-quality screen of the PSP Slim & Lite. The screen is engineered to produce a wide range of colors, delivering more definition. The anti-glare technology considerably reduces the glare caused by sunlight and harsh indoor lighting.
PSP-3000’s built-in microphone brings the PSP even closer to the forefront of cutting-edge communications technology. Users can say goodbye to microphone leads and head-pieces and can now simply speak into their PSP to communicate online – all that's needed is a Wi-Fi connection.

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