Nvidia to work for mobile devices

By Koushik Saha on 20.11.08

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NVIDIA is expanding its spectrum to boost its market share. The latest move in this direction are the plans to use CUDA parallel computing architecture in all its GPUs (graphics processing units), including its Tegra system-on-a-chip for mobile devices.

CUDA is an environment developed by the company that taps the many-core parallel processing power of GPUs. But, despite of this announcement, first version of Tegra will not be shipped with CUDA technology.

CUDA was developed as a part of strategically approach to position its GPUs, traditionally strong in high-end graphics and gaming. The parallel computing processors can be used in a variety of scientific applications and commercial applications such as financial computing.Also, day before, NVIDIA announced a GPU-based Tesla Personal Supercomputer. The GPU is not an alternative to CPU, cited related sources.

As per reports, NVIDIA is working with application developers to port their software to the CUDA architecture. The ability to program in C language ensures that sophisticated users like researchers may write the programs themselves for the new supercomputer.

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