Microsoft to rename Live Search

By Koushik Saha on 25.11.08

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The research on the Internet remains a major challenge for Microsoft and yet, the Redmond company does not appear to have found its way. Given that Google has more than 80% of the market and Yahoo!. that flirts with the 11%, Microsoft had tried several strategies but none of them has proved fruitful. So why not again?

The current Live Search engine, launched in May 2006 to replace MSN Search, does not seem convinced. Moreover, the requests through the MSN portal are more important than Live Search. To revitalize its strategy, Microsoft has tried alternatives such as paying people to make complaints with Live Search Cashback. Then the Microsoft case-Yahoo! took a new turn and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, appeared more interested in a partnership in research on the Internet rather than by an aggregate redemption of the portal.Last August, the first rumors emerged that Live Search may eventually change its name to something more friendly and more attractive for the user. A Redmond, employees focused on the issue and some names were chosen, namely: Bing, Hook and Kumo.

According to several sources, Microsoft is finally arrested on Kumo, a Japanese word meaning cloud or spider. This change of name, if he had any, make it to Microsoft to rejuvenate its search engine? There is less safe, but low market share to Microsoft engine leaves sufficient room to try a new name.

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