Ericsson to bring 20 megapixel cameras on mobile

By Koushik Saha on 10.11.08

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Only four more years and mobile phone maniacs will accomplish their so much desired dreams, something that only few were able to think of - a 20 Megapixel full HD video camera for mobile devices. Of course, nothing is certain but many will surely be tormented by the news until the moment it becomes real.

In a recent press conference, Ericsson AB of Sweden announced that through technologies such as “HSPA Evolution” and” LTE” (long term evolution), by the year 2012, they would develop mobile phones with cameras from 12-20 megapixel and Full HD video shooting capabilities. The future might also bring an XGA resolution display (1024x768 pixels) with a digital camera and new camcorder technologies to mobile phones. But that's not all, the processor will be updated to a staggering 1Ghz and the connection to Internet will became as fast as 100Mbps.

These predictions are based on the company's discoveries as well as the fact that data transmission grew over 60 times in the last six years, but added that only working gradually, these advancements would take place. Also, the maximum data transmission will probably rise to 21Mbps this year alone thanks to the HSPA Evolution technology in comparison with 7.2Mbps available now.The other important announcement made by Ericsson was that even if these technologies are to be successfully developed, introducing them to the market would be complicated, and some areas might not have access to the LTE advancements immediately whereas same regions would not take advantage of the HSPA and HSPA Evolution developments.

Even with all the good news spreading rapidly and endlessly, I feel obliged to reconnect some of you back to reality, for we are all aware of the economic status of the world, which is sure to get worse and, of course, to try to minimize the degree of disappointment if all this does not materialize.

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