MSI will bring U120 Netbook

By Koushik Saha on 1.11.08

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Fudzilla has managed to get the very first pictures of MSI’s latest Netbook the "U120", which is a successor to their popular MSI Wind U10. The new laptop is expected to be similar to the U10 in its design and specifications. The update will feature either a 120GB hard drive or 20/40GB SSD, which will come at a later date. Furthermore the U120 will be adding in a 3.5G modem that will accept a SIM card.

MSI has enjoyed a lot of success with its original Netbook. Not only did they have the first mover advantage of being the first one to offer Intel’s Atom processor, but the new addition of an HSDPA modem along with other business features should see them find further success.

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