Tuniq Miniplant 950 Watt Power Supply

By Koushik Saha on 25.3.08

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Recently Tuniq (part of Sunbeamtech) released a trio of power supplies. The Ensemble comes in 1200 (review here) and 1000 Watt versions, and their "lower" specced Miniplant is "only" a 950 Watt animal.
The advantage of the lower specified Miniplant is that it's standard size (3.5x5.8x6.2 inches HWD), yet still manages to pack in 950 Watts of high-energy goodness. See the Ensemble models are larger (3.3x5.8x8.7 inches HWD), meaning they will not fit into every enclosure. While I like the bigger counterparts better, the PSU we test today is really amazing in both performance and noise levels.

See the fan control unit on the PSUs keep noise levels to a minimum, based upon the current load. In high-end custom machines (such as those using alternatives to forced-air cooling), the PSU is often one of the biggest noise illicit. Tuniq's power supplies, especially this Miniplant version may offer a somewhat quieter alternative. Arned with lengthy cables and connectors for a veritable army of components, the Miniplant PSUs are admirably suited for use in your high-end systems.

Despite the fact that the PSU can suck up 950 Watts, this actually is an energy friendly product .. it has everything to do with it's high efficiency topping out at 80%+, no worries though, we'll explain and demonstrate that over the next view pages. The PSU we will be testing today is a really heavily built SLI/Crossfire ready piece of gear and certainly can chew up anything we throw at it, and even comes with four PCIe graphics card power connectors, an investment that'll last a long time as with this PSU your hardware can keep up with you for a while. It's connectors are nicely wrapped in a foil and looks and gives us that sturdy feeling you expect from a quality product.

A PSU with a good feature set with active PFC, short-protection and enough connectivity for the latest high-end components in your system, including PCI-Express 2.0 8 pin 12 volt rails meaning that this PSU is SLI, three-way SLI or CrossFire(X) ready.

As our tests will show one of the more notable features of this PSU is it's high efficiency level. According to the specs it's rated at ~87%, which is quite notable and surely important as Energy consumption of our PC's has grown massively over the past year or two. Right, let's head to the next page where we'll discuss some of the features after which we'll dive into a photo shoot, test and verdict.

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