Ojom Launches MIB Mobile Game

By Koushik Saha on 20.3.08

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After the retro Magnum PI game that Ojom recently launched for the mobile their latest action packed adventure game was out of this world, in literal terms. Ojom GmbH, announced the launch of the mobile game adaptation of Men in Black – Alien Assault.The game’s storyline features unidentified creatures who are causing havoc. The mission is to head up an investigation to find evidence of alien invaders causing it. The first lead brings you to New York city and so on. Equipped with lasers and other alien butt-kicking hardware and let’s not forget the ever-loving Neuralizer to wipe clean the minds of witnesses, the game, I’m sure would be quite a thrill for the franchise fans. Players can also uncover alien artifacts, secrets and new weapons as they progress through the game.Marc Busse, Sales Manager at Ojom GmbH, said, "With all the action of the hit movie on your mobile phone, you can hunt down aliens and solve crimes along the way. Men in Black – Alien Assault is an exhilarating game packed with power ups, secret levels, freaky weapons and a world threatening alien conspiracy. And this time it’s up to us to save the planet and kick some alien butt."

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