Apple Mulling a Clamshell iPhone

By Koushik Saha on 20.3.08

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Apple's iPhone launch caused a wave of excitement that even now refuses to die down. The company is now planning to ride on this with a "clamshell iPhone". Yes, "clamshell iPhone" which will be smaller -- likely half the size of the iPhone, but will take a couple of years to go to market.
A touch-screen patent first filed by Apple in the US in September 2006 has given birth to this speculation about Apple mulling a "clamshell iPhone". The patent application, which has been newly disclosed, contains illustrated features including a transparent dual-sided touch-sensitive trackpad cover; meaning the top of the iPhone is covered with a transparent touch panel which when opened reveals an also touch-sensitive inner side. It also appears from the patent that the "clamshell iPhone" will enable users write in numbers and letters using their fingers. Meanwhile, the patent doesn't talk about any keyboard though it does imply that sensitive controls could be used to create a virtual keyboard.

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