Way to protect computer from pendrive

By Koushik Saha on 27.12.09

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Ninja Pendisk is a zero configuration tool that is specially designed for protecting your system. It employs stringent measures to guard your system against unwanted invasions by viruses and malicious software transmitted by USB pendisks. USB pendisks are now-a-days one of the most convenient detachable hardware that helps you carry your information inyour pockets. However, it cannot be denied that these USB pendisks are the main cause of transmission of viruses like “autorun.inf in your system.
This is one of the safest tools available to eliminate virulent files from your system forever. As soon as you insert a pendisk in your system, this tool immunizes it to prevent the transmission of any harmful file. Further, this application creates a special folder by the name, autorun.inf. This folder bears unique protection permissions that save your pendisk from future attacks when plugged into virus infected computers.

Ninja Pendisk is absolutely easy to use. It is available for free of cost and does not require any configuration or installation at all. When you activate the program, it settles on the system tray. It does not interfere with the normal functioning of your installed programs. It only gets activated when you insert a pendisk in your system. It scans the USB device for its malicious or harmful content. As soon as it detects an infected or harmful file, it permanently deletes it from the device.

If you use USB devices frequently, then you can add this program to your Startup Menu in Windows. Once you launch this program, you will see an option, “Add Windows to startup”. You just have to click on the option to make this program accessible from your starting menu.Download

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