How To rename Multiple Files At Once

By Koushik Saha on 25.12.09

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Ken Rename is a simple utility tool that allows users to batch rename their files saved in their system. This is one of the best tools for renaming multiple files at one go. The striking advantage of this tool is that it can be optimized into the Windows Explorer. Further, you can use it directly from any folder.

This tool eases your job of renaming multiple files in just a few seconds. All you need to do first is simply add all the files that are to be renamed to the software’s interface. Then reach the menu at bottom of the window and open the renaming option. With the help of features in this option, you can change the case, fonts and the style of the text. Further, you can
also insert or remove the text to edit the original content. You can also execute several actions to the file list at the power of a click.

Ken Rename optimizes the utilities of macro to make editions to your text. You can also filter specific files with the help of macro. You can subject the file name with multiple actions to revamp the original name. For example, you can replace the earlier string with a new string. You can retain certain letters and discard the rest from the file name. Further, it has provisions to allow you to undo your changes. It supports multiple languages which makes it simple for users to coin a foreign name for the file. You can also covert the entire code of the page with the help of this software.

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