Thermaltake brings with new chassis concept

By Koushik Saha on 8.3.09

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Undoubtedly, one of he most impressive new products that we were able to spot at the CeBIT 2009 show in Hanover, Germany, is the new chassis concept from Thermaltake. Dubbed Level 10, the new case developed by the company is set to impress through a special design, which offers a separate compartment for each component of the system.

The new Thermaltake Level 10 chassis has been made mainly from aluminum, and features separate rooms for motherboard, hard drives, optical drives and the rest of the machine's components. Moreover, it features six hard disk drive bays, while also offering an easy way to open the hard drive bay so as to change the disks.

From what we've heard, the new Level 10 PC case has been developed by the company in partnership with BMW Designworks. The idea of dividing the chassis into separate sections is not such a new one, yet it still manages to impress the audience through the simple fact that it has been transposed into reality. Practically, one can consider that each component is placed outside the case, although inside its own compartment.

In addition to this new concept, Thermaltakealso brought along at the CeBIT exposition in Germany other new cases, as well as some new cooling solutions. Among these, we can count the new Element S, which the company says stands for Silence, Sophisticated, Specious, Stream, Speedy and Substantial. Other parts are the SpinQ, able to deliver high end cooling performance, as well as the Toughpower XT.

For the time being, there aren’t too many details on the availability or price of the Thermaltake Level 10 chassis. Furthermore, we might not even see the concept launched on the market, although word has it that the official debut of the part will be at Computex in early June. As for the price, I guess no one would expect it to be a low one.

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