USB Phantom Keystroker

By Koushik Saha on 20.1.09

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It's just past the middle of winter, but if you're a respectable prankster you should know that April is closing in... and you don't want the first day of April to catch you empty-handed and with no monumental prank idea, do you? Well, in this case you should take a closer look at the USB Phantom Keystroker, one of the most evil and unmerciful prank-oriented gadgets you could think of using in an office. The Annoy-a-tron was cool, but this one is awesome!
The greatest thing about offices is that they're usually loaded with computers, and your colleagues are working hard on them. The USB Phantom Keystroker is one of the elite tools to mess up with someone's work when a computer is involved.
The gadget looks like pretty much any other USB thumb drive out there, save for the very fancy ones. With a black and discrete plastic casing, it will pass unnoticed by most people, and if you're smart enough to have it plugged in a free USB port at the back of a computer, it could remain concealed for a long time... definitely longer than the most patient colleague of yours could ever endure its tormenting habits.
Once you've plugged the USB Phantom Keystroker in a computer it will plague typing by toggling the Caps Lock key, striking various random keys and making the mouse jiggle across your screen, as if it wereon the brink of dying for good. A very smart feature of the USB Phantom Keystroker is its rotary control allowing you to set up the timing delay of the device, so it appears as natural as it gets.
Building on the evilness of the initial Phantom Keystroker, the new generation of extremely-annoying office prank gadgets comes with three switches allowing you to combine the Caps, keyboard and mouse actions. This USB drive comes at a low price, which makes it an instant winning option for pranksters – you can get it for $13, but, like in other similar cases, make sure you're messing with the right guy... or be out of the office when the Keystroker is discovered.

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