PQI unveils microSATA SSD, ExpressCard SSD at CES

By Koushik Saha on 9.1.09

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Good heavens, it's been years since we've seen anything noteworthy leave the labs of Power Quotient International. Thankfully, the outfit will be relevant once more when CES rolls around, as its forthcoming SSD line has quite a few big hitters. First up is the 1.8-inch microSATA SSD S518, which is destined to squeeze into tight spaces in capacities of up to 125GB, while the 32GB ExpressCard SSD S520 finally gives you a reason to utilize that funky slot over there that's gone untouched for months. There will also be a 2.5-inch SATA SSD S525 (available in sizes up to 125GB) and anelusive e-SATA Combo Card S530. As for details on pricing and availability? You'll have to wait till the show gets rolling for that, but the full release is waiting just past the break to tide you over.
PQI Shows Off Their Latest SSD Products at the 2009 CES

Taipei, Taiwan ~ 2008.12.31 ~ Visitors attending the 2009 CES at Las Vegas during Jan. 8 ~ 11, 2009 can locate Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. (PQI) at the Venetian Tower 233, 234. At the exhibit, PQI will have on display their full range of Solid State Drive (SSD), USB Flash Drive (UFD), Memory Module and Flash Memory Card. Four new SSD products makes their debut ~ 1.8" microSATA SSD S518, Express Card SSD S520, 2.5" SATAⅡ SSD S525 and e-SATA Combo Card S530. Of which, the 32GB Express Card SSD S520 utilizes PCI/E slot and PQI's patented Intelligent Stick Interface. Users have the option of using it as a USB flash drive or to extend its PC / laptop storage capacity through PCI/E slot. The 64GB e-SATA Combo Card S530 has an e-SATA connection interface and it reaches a maximum read speed of 90MB/Sec.

Both PQI's 1.8" microSATA SSD S518 and 2.5" SATA SSD S525 are available with a maximum capacity of 128GB. The 1.8" microSATA SSD S518 can be installed into PCs or laptops and the 2.5" SATA SSD S525 comes with two interfaces for storage expansion.

SSDs are advantaged over traditional hard drives in read/ write speeds, shock proof, low power consumption, lighter body weight and quiet operation. In addition to industrial, embedded, server and medical industries, PC applications are beginning to see the implementation of SSDs in high end performance systems. Having more than 10 years of experience in solid state storage technology, PQI's SSD and DOM products are ahead of the pack providing customers with a diverse and complete solution!

Other innovative PQI products at CES including a series of waterproof USB flash drives and Intelligent Drive i828, winner of Product Design Award ~ 2009 German iF Award. The Intelligent Drive i828 utilizes a clip-on design that allows for users to make use of existing i828(s) to increase their storage capacity, indefinitely.

For more PQI news or the latest PQI product information, please visit PQI at www.pqigroup.com.

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