Details of NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT Green Edition Leaked

By Koushik Saha on 21.1.09

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Several days ago NVIDIA claimed it would push GeForce 9600GT Green Edition graphics card, and now we got more details about it.

GeForce 9600GT Green Edition is quite similar to GeForce 9600GT in specification, except for a little bit reduction in frequency. The core/shader clock has dropped from 650/1625MHz to 600/1500MHz respectively, while the memory clock keeps unchanged at 900MHz.

Besides, its voltage has reduced from previous 1.1V to 1.0V, and the power consumption falls from 96W to 59W. Theexternal power connector has been removed.

The price and availability of GeForce 9600GT Green Edition are unknown yet, but we guess the pricing won’t be far from that of existing edition.

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