ASUS unveils M4A Boards w/ 8-phase power

By Koushik Saha on 10.1.09

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ASUS, world-leading producer of motherboards, has today launched the brand new M4 Series motherboards to fully support the AMD? next generation AM3 processors. The Phenom II AM3 processors are able to support up to DDR 3 2000MHz memory speed, so DDR3 tech. is finally realized in AMD platform. To unleash the AM3 processors’ full potential, ASUS’ constant development of the 8-Phase power design has resulted in superb performances—reaching an excellent 91% in power efficiency. With the ASUS TurboV’s intuitive overclocking utility, and the easy-to-use ASUS Turbo Key, users can easily overclock and overvoltage the new processors like never before. The ASUS M4 Series thus brings the AM3 CPU performance into full play—providing users with the perfect choice for the AM3 processors usage.
Breakthrough 8-Phase Power Design Tailored for Optimal Performance

ASUS is proud to introduce the brand new 8-Phase power design on the M4 Series; which with the highest phase number of VRM power in the AMD platform, leads industry specifications. The ASUS M4 Series isalso designed with an additional 1 to 2 power phases dedicated to the CPU embedded memory and HT controller—guaranteeing delivery of appropriate voltages for more stable operations and longer CPU lifespan—regardless of heavy or light system loading. ASUS has also adopted EPU function—a well-liked feature in ASUS P5Q series launch, in AMD platform. This unique EPU technology will provide total system power management by detecting current PC loadings and intelligently moderating power in real-time. The ASUS M4 Series also utilizes high quality 5000-hour long lifespan (at 105ÂșC working temperatures) capacitors that improves power efficiency and lowers system temperatures—providing a durable working environment and better overclocking capabilities.

Easy and Outstanding Overclocking with Turbo Key and TurboV

The ASUS Turbo Key is an exclusive feature that transforms the PC power button into a physical overclocking button. Completing the easy setup provides users with the ability to boost performance levels with just a push of a button—presenting users with faster, more powerful performances without interrupting ongoing work or games—overclocking has never been easier! For hardcore users, the ASUS M4 Series also features TurboV, an advanced overclocking tool that utilizes a micro-controller to provide precise 0.02V voltage adjustments. Furthermore, users can save their preferred OC profiles and easily apply the best O.C. settings for different scenarios. Now anyone can enjoy performance boosts—without needing to exit the operating system or rebooting; -with the ASUS M4 Series motherboards.

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