AMD unleashes linux code for general purpose computing

By Koushik Saha on 2.1.09

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AMD, the chip rival for Intel has released “the fundamental Linux code” that is needed to develop open-source 3D-acceleration drivers for its R600 and R700 ATI graphic-processors series.
The news is intended for those who want to create drivers for potent GPU series of ATI Radeon HD 2x00, HD 3x00 (both R600), and Radeon HD 4x00 (R700). Also, unleash of open source code is good for Linux-lovers who have access to the R600/700’s 3D powers.
The announcement made by GPU to support the recently released open-source OpenCL 1.0 allowing GPU to be used for general-purpose computing (GPGPU), it is expected that GPUniverse is moving slowly toOpen Source Software (OSS) model.
The OSS future looks bright for GPUs. The segment was still new to AMD as Intel is open with its drivers. OSS development should proceed swiftly, both in 3D acceleration and GPGPU.

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