Seagate brings Warranty care to the doorstep in India

By Koushik Saha on 10.12.08

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Seagate announced the introduction of ‘at-your-doorstep’ pick-up service for its products in the Indian market. This latest customer-care offering from the world’s leading manufacturer of storage solutions aims to strengthen its support for Seagate customers in remote areas. The service, which is offered through 43 SeaCare Centers across the country, provides speedy pick-up and delivery for in-warranty Seagate and Maxtor products from customers’ premises and entails no additional cost to the customer.
A simple and friendly process, customers just call the toll-free SeaCare Centers and provide details of their Seagate products and addresses. Customers are then given call-IDs, which should be written on the top of the packed products, ready for the pickup service. Replacement drives are delivered in the same way.
The service has now been rolled out in full with added features that include online tracking and SMS notification. Customers may log in for website tracking and key in the call-ID to get the status of their replacement requests and expected delivery date. A pre-delivery alert is also sent to the customer via SMS.
The free pick-up-and-drop service is the latest customer-friendly and innovative marketing and service program introduced by Seagate in India as a part of the Company’s commitment to the Indian market.
Earlier this year, Seagate announced its collaboration with its channel partners to support a series of retail access points across several of India’s fast-emerging cities toaddress the country’s expanding market and customer needs. These retail access points are located in cities such as Bhopal, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Jamshedpur,Kanpur, Ludhiana, Madurai, Mysore, Nagpur and Visakhapatnam – bringing information on Seagate’s industry-leading storage solutions to a broader and fast-growing range of consumers. These access points help customers to browse and reference detailed information on Seagate products and avail themselves of trained service staff that can address their queries in person.

Seagate has been collaborating closely with its partners to deliver an unparalleled record of innovation in customer service and warranty offerings. The customer support network in India includes 43 walk-in SeaCare Centers manned by trained technical support staff, where customers can return their drives for warranty support. In addition, Seagate had enhanced service reach to areas where there may be no SeaCare Centers by collaborating with its SPP members in that area to act as collection and delivery centers. This is enabled through a free-pick-up-and-return courier service between these SPP locations and the nearest SeaCare center. The same concept is now extended to customer doorstep.

Customers also enjoy other services, such as an SMS customer care offering, which guides users to the nearest service centers or provides status of warranty. Other innovations include mobile service vans catering to the trade hubs around New Delhi and Mumbai and the provision of a national, toll-free call center service.

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